Brad’s training significantly improved my strength, flexibility and endurance.
The program also helped with rock-climbing specific moves. For example:
Squat jumps, box jumps and other lower body dynamic drills, helped me make bigger dynamic
jumps from rock to rock. They also helped me out of tight situations where I found myself
needing to do a one legged squat on a ledge.
Brads strength training for back, arm and shoulder strength helped me to do more pull-up
in the case where I have no footholds.
Brad also helped me with balance, posture and significantly improved my core strength,
which is vital to climbing!!!

Anna Davey - Rock Climber
Australian Ninja Warrior: contestant


"I have known Brad both personally and professionally for 10 years. In that time, Brad has been responsible for keeping me in peak physical condition which has allowed me to pass numerous physical competency assessments required for the various operational roles I have undertaken within the Australian Federal Police.
Brad has also been responsible for the development and maintenance of my strength and conditioning program that has enabled me to compete in state and national Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions. I have found Brad's programming to be very progressive and his genuine desire to see people succeed and reach their training
goals is without question. He has a natural ability to extract the best out the people he works with and I
could not recommend a better performance coach to get you the results you want, and help you achieve
more than you ever thought was possible"

Federal Agent (AFP)
BJJ Brown Belt Competitor and Coach


Brad Davies is an amazingly credentialed, professional and holistic performance coach. Brad was responsible for my strength and conditioning taper for the 2012 RQCC boxing event and has successfully transitioned me to a level of fitness and body shape that has surpassed any expectation I previously had.
As I continue my journey, Brad relentlessly challenges and coaches me through to new heights. After training with Brad for 3 years, he has become a critical investment to my health and overall well being. I am proud to have Brad as my strength and conditioning coach, mentor and close friend.

Steve McGurk


Brad is a very professional, friendly and enthusiastic trainer who from the very first session, pushed me to limits I had previously been unable to reach, training alone. Brad helped me to achieve specific goals required as a professional model.

The goals I set for myself to achieve training with Brad were:

To lower my body fat percentage, and to maintain a toned body. After the first 4 weeks I had seen huge improvements, let alone in the last year. Since working with brad I become toned and defined in places I had previously struggled with. On top of this Brad targeted my stability, core strength and general fitness. With an endless variety of workouts.

Boxing with Brad is a personal favorite of mine, but I also thoroughly enjoyed body weight circuits and the addition of weights for an extra challenge. I have relocated to New York to pursue my modeling career.

Armed with the knowledge Brad has shared with me I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, toned physique and a regular, sustainable and manageable exercise regime.

Brad has not only become a great friend of mine but also a great mentor who I can fully rely on from a great chat to a killer workout.

Miquela Voss